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headaches, with an explanation of the phenomena." The dis-

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fluenza relieves us from devoting a special section to the ancient con-

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The moirtality' in puerperal diphtheria is about 9 per ceiiti^

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avoided. The warning label we are now requiring will

zyvox antibiotic coverage

one grain of calomel and half a grain of opium twice a day ;

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is alert to those anatomic variations which are so frequent in

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interstitial nephritis. (2) Specimen No. 1016F, from the Museum of Charing

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ent at the slowness with which his talents receive recognition;

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ing both the soft and bony portions, opening the cavities of the mouth

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the effect of producing immediate and complete cessation of

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and gradually increased to 30 minutes once daily. I am satisfied

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classed with these substances. They are for the most part highly oxi-

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generally small and frequent. I may remark, that for many months her

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time, but there was i^o little reason to believe that it was scar-

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creases until it is reduced to only two or three ounces. In

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sthenic, local alteratives may be used. An old and popular gar-

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and other antiscorbutic drops, contain corrosive sublimate. —

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ing the surface escapes, the same as from any other abscess. The

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cine in particular and to the medical profession and humanity

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and consists of a platinum bar inclosed in a tube of

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results, further improved on Hick's method, by insisting on very

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with so high a degree of probability. The basis on which one's opinion

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